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FDA Releases First E-Cig Study! What’s The Future Of E Cigs?

The FDA has just released the first parts of their look into electronic cigarettes. The initial results are looking like a good sign for vapers everwhere.

At a conference put on by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco the FDA released the first part of their results from a study consisting of 46,000 US tobacco and non tobacco users starting in 2013. So, what does the data say?

First off it deals with claims that e cigs are a gateway product to other tobacco products. Its more likely the other way around, that most e cig users were tobacco users before and non smokers are not more likely to get into e cigs before smoking.

The study is very detailed but it shines a new light on the vaping community from the FDA when all we have been hearing from them is impending regulations on vaporizers.

You Can Read The Study Here!

We will gladly take any good news from the FDA that we can right guys? What do you think about the study? Let me know in the comments!

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